Los Angeles Looking for Youths to Join Summer Jobs

June 9, 2017
Summer Youth Jobs

Mayor Eric Garcetti announced a new goal to hire 20,000 young people for year round employment by 2020, more than quadrupling the number of youth jobs coordinated by City Hall when he entered office.  A summer job is key in helping young people ages 14 to 24 learn about the workplace, find a mentor and enter a path to meaningful and lifelong employment.  HIRE-LA’s Youth is an investment that pays off in lives today and holds the promise of a brighter future for our city and the entire region.

The HIRE-LA's Youth program helps young people in the Los Angeles area ages 14 to 24 to prepare for summer or year-round jobs by helping them with resumes, practice interviews, and money management skills. Opportunities are available whether the person is in or out of school. In addition, HIRE-LA is looking for employers looking to hire or sponsor a youth.

To apply and learn more about the HIRE-LA's Youth program, please visit http://www.hirelayouth.com