Audio and Video FAQs

Q. What do I need on my computer to receive the live webcasts?
A. Our live and on-demand audio and video webcasts are in Windows Media format. To view all the webcasts, Windows Media Player software needs to be installed on your computer. If you do not have latest version, please download the Windows Media Player at the Microsoft Download Center.

Q. I am a Mac user and would like to view the Live and On-Demand videos. What configuration do I need to have?
A. To see the Minimum System Requirements for Macintosh Users, please click here.

Q. Do you have an installation procedure for installing the Windows Media Player software?
A. Please follow download and installation instructions from the Microsoft website for Windows Media Player.

Q. Why does the video appear "blocky" and out-of-sync with the audio?
A. Slow connections (i.e. dial-up) or Internet congestion can make the webcast appear "jerky". You may also be running more than one webcast simultaneously on the PC.

Q. When I try to view the webcast I get a message that the broadcast is unavailable. What does that mean?
A. Most likely there is no meeting scheduled for broadcast. Please check the Public Meeting Calendar for the current schedule of meetings along with their agendas and room assignments.

Q. My problem is not listed in this FAQ page. Where can I find more help?
A. More FAQs are available at Having Trouble?