About the City Seal

Los Angeles City Seal 1854-1905

Los Angeles City Seal 1854-1905

The Minutes of the Common Council, written in Spanish, read "The City shall provide itself with a seal to be attached to public documents." The seal was to show a cluster of grapes and leaves surrounded by the words "Corporation of the City of LosAngeles." By 1905, a seal representing more than the industry of grapes was needed. On March 27, 1905, Ordinance 10,834 authorized the present City Seal.

City of Los Angeles Seal

Los Angeles City Seal 1905 to the Present

Ordinance 10,834 describes the City Seal being used today. It explains that the lion and the castle are from the Arms of Spain and represent Los Angeles under Spanish rule from 1542-1821. The eagle holding the serpent is from the Arms of Mexico and represents Los Angeles under Mexican rule from 1822-1846. The Bear Flag shows the California Republic of 1846. The stars and stripes indicate Los Angeles as an American city. The olives, grapes, and oranges are reminders that Los Angeles is a garden community. The Rosary around the Seal represents the part played by the Mission Padres in the early years of Los Angeles.