About The City Flag

Los Angeles City Flag

The City Flag of the City of Los Angeles

The original flag of the City of Los Angeles was designed in 1931. Ordinance 70,000 officially established the City’s own flag, then known as the "Fiesta Flag" on July 22, 1931, designed for the City's 150th birthday (Sesqui-Centennial).

The 8' x 12' banner has a taffeta background of notched stripes of red, goldenyellow, and green. The red represents the vineyards, the golden-yellow depicts the orange groves, and the green symbolizes the olive trees. The colors of the flag are also found in the flags of Spain and Mexico, whose past was very important in the early history of Los Angeles. The replica of the City Seal is shown in the center of the flag.

The flag was designed by Roy E. Silent and E.S. Jones of Los Angeles. Raising of the flag occurred in April 1937, eighty-seven years after incorporation of the City. The flag was presented to Mayor Frank E. Shaw by Isadore B. Dockweiler, President of the La Fiesta Association.