Council Rules

The Rules of the Los Angeles City Council  detail the procedural rules that are adopted, pursuant to authority set forth in Charter Section 242, to assist the City Council in the orderly conduct of City business consistent with law.

These rules include:

  • steps for the election and appointment of officers
  • procedures and policies for posting public notices, attendance and comments
  • assignment of the presiding officer
  • manner in which council meeting days, times, order of business and quorum are determined
  • process for conducting council discussions and time limits
  • how resolutions contract, reports, ordinances and motions shall be presented to the Presiding Officer
  • appointment and removal of City Commissioners and Officers
  • how votes will be accepted and tabulated
  • procedures for the disposition of items
  • scheduling of special meetings
  • creation and organization of committees and committee meetings
  • process for how these rules are applied or changed
  • assignment of duties
  • censure procedures for the Los Angeles City Council
  • any miscellaneous provisions and how they are to be handled by the City Attorney