Environmental Programs

The City of Los Angeles is dedicated to ensuring that we harness our natural resources efficiently and effectively, while providing a clean, healthy, and safe City for present and future generations of Angelenos.

Review the many events, guides, classes and rebates the City of Los Angeles has to offer below. 

Rebate Programs

LADWP Rebate Programs
LADWP offers a variety of rebates and programs for our residential customers (tenants, homeowners, and landlords). As a publicly-owned utility, the LADWP makes these programs available to assist our customers in using energy and water more efficiently as well as saving money and resources while improving our environment.

Residential and Commercial rebates offered by the Metropolitan Water District of Southern California
Together, toilets and clothes washers account for approximately 45% of the water used inside your home. Replacement of your inefficient clothes washer or toilet may contribute to water savings and a reduced water bill. Up to 70% of California’s entire residential water supply is applied to home landscapes, yet many landscapes are overwatered due to sprinkler controllers that are not programmed properly. Review outdoor products and devices designed to reduce waste, usage and homeowner costs.

California Friendly® Landscape Incentive Program
Take advantage of LADWP’s most popular water conservation program. “Cash in” your lawn and create a sustainable landscape that includes California Friendly® plants, including native species, appropriate for the Los Angeles climate, mulch and other groundcover to help retain moisture in the soil, a rain capturing feature like a rain garden, rain barrel, cistern, infiltration trench, or vegetated swale, and Drip irrigation (as needed). A sustainable landscape will not only help you save on your water bill by reducing your water use. You will also help recharge the groundwater, reduce urban runoff and enhance wildlife habitat—overall benefiting yourself and the Los Angeles watershed.

Sewer Repair Financial Assistance Program 
Sewer laterals are the essential link between the City-owned municipal sewers and wastewater exiting private property. LASAN is offering two rebate programs for property owners with sewer laterals. The first rebate program is for the Closed Circuit Televised Video (CCTV) of a sewer lateral and the second rebate program is for Sewer Lateral Repair. The programs are to assist property owners with the cost of videotaping their sewer laterals, and to help with the cost of sewer lateral repairs.

Free Resources

City Plants - Free Trees for Your Home or Neighborhood!
City Plants is a public-private partnership between the City of Los Angeles, local non-profit organizations, community groups, residents, and businesses. Their goals are to plant and give away 15,000 trees each year!

Free Water Conservation Equipment from LADWP
If you own or rent a home within the LADWP’s service area, you can receive showerheads and aerators for free! 

City Programs

The Sustainable City pLAn
On April 8, 2015, Mayor Eric Garcetti released L.A.’s first-ever Sustainable City pLAn.This pLAn sets the course for a cleaner environment and a stronger economy, with a commitment to equity as its foundation. The pLAn is made up of short term (by 2017) and longer term (by 2025 and 2035) targets in 14 categories that will advance our environment, economy and equity.

One Water LA 2040
The City of Los Angeles is developing the One Water LA 2040 Plan. The Plan is a roadmap, connecting plans, ideas, and people to arrive at better and fiscally-responsible water planning solutions. Collaboration is the foundation of the One Water LA planning process. The Plan identifies projects, programs and policies that will yield sustainable, long-term water supplies for Los Angeles and will provide greater resiliency to drought conditions and climate change.

LA Sanitation Special Projects
LA Sanitation (LASAN) stands at the forefront of innovation and technology, continually developing new and cutting-edge special projects to protect the public health and environment in the City of Los Angeles. From adopting state-of-the-art renewable energy projects at LASAN water reclamation plants to using smart technology to ensure all Los Angeles streets are Clean Streets, LASAN is committed to identifying, developing and using new and emerging technologies in order to make Los Angeles a more sustainable and livable City.

LA Department of Water and Power Water Conservation Projects
LADWP takes a tremendous amount of pride in its water conservation accomplishments, and continues to lead the way in implementing water demand-reduction programs. As the City of Los Angeles’ primary agent for implementation of such programs on behalf of LADWP's customers, the LADWP stepped up to the challenge, investing over $100 million in conservation measures over the last decade. Los Angeles will maintain its commitment well into the new century with investments in water-saving measures and services.

Classes and Events

Save The Drop
Don’t be a drip! Save the Drop. Learn about Los Angeles’ water conservation efforts, calculate your water footprint, and get tips on how you can help conserve water in Los Angeles.

LA Sanitation Education and Sustainability
With over four million customers, LA Sanitation (LASAN) has a very big job to do, and it can't be done alone.  We recognize the need to educate residents, businesses and youth about our services, sustainable practices, and environmental stewardship. Because of this, we invest a great deal of time and resources into sharing knowledge across the City to ensure a cleaner, safer city for years to come. 

DWP’s Landscape Training Classes
LADWP provides free introductory California Friendly Landscape Training (CFLT) classes for customers. These three-hour Saturday classes provide a cursory overview of the benefits of a California Friendly landscape.

Support and Visit Green Spaces

Department of Recreation and Parks
The Department of Recreation and Parks, stewards to over 16,000 acres of parkland, offer extensive recreational, social and cultural programs at park sites in every Los Angeles neighborhood from the valley to the sea. View a list of their venues, programs, and services, here.

Support City Parks
The Adopt-A-Park program engages the community in enhancing our city parks.  Individuals, corporations, local businesses or non-profit organizations can adopt a park to meet identified needs that can immediately and directly benefit a city park.