Controller Maps ‘Summer Fun’ in L.A.

by Controller's Office on August 8, 2019
Summer Fun in L.A.
L.A. Controller Ron Galperin released "Summer Fun in L.A.," a new online map highlighting places to visit, sites to see and things to do in the City of Los Angeles during the summer season. Galperin's map features more than 800 City-funded sites, services and programs, like swimming pools, hiking trails, golf courses, parks, museums, libraries, art centers and more — most of which are free or low-cost to the public.

Activities are mapped by location and grouped into four main categories — Explore, Play, Learn and Create. The map also explains what public resources are required to make these activities happen, like how many City employees work on them and the cost of funding their jobs.

Explore Galperin's Summer Fun in L.A. map at