Hahn Series 2001-2005

Administrative Procedures (AP)
City Policies and Process (CP)
Emergency Preparedness Procedures (EP)
Financial Management (FM)
Guidelines for City Property Usage (GU)
Inter-Agency Coordination (IA)
Interdepartmental Coordination (IC)
Management Guidelines (MG)
Mayoral Oversight (MO)
Personnel and Employment Practices (PE)
Safety and Security (SA)


Title Date
AP-1: Coordination of Neighborhood Councils and General Managers 01/13/2003
AP-2: Implementation of Teamwork LA to Promote Neighborhood-Based Government 03/25/2004
AP-4: Establishment of Citywide Economic Development Cabinet 06/07/2004
CP-1: City Safety and Health Policy 02/02/2005
EP-1: Emergency Preparedness, Response and Recovery 01/13/2003
FM-1: Annual Adjustment To The Intra-Departmental Transfer Limit 11/12/2003
FM-2: Approval of Inter-and Intra-Departmental Transfers of Funds and Allocations 01/13/2003
FM-3: Fees for Special Services 01/13/2003
IA-1: Support for the Film Industry 03/23/2004
IA-2: Intergovernmental Affairs 11/19/2004
IC-1: Support For The Department Of Neighborhood Empowerment 11/12/2003
IC-2: Support for the Mayor's Office of Immigrant Affairs (MOIA) 11/29/2004
IC-3: Support for the Quality and Productivity Commission-Productivity Information Network (PIN) 01/13/2003
MG-1: Absence from the City 01/13/2003
MO-2: Commissioners Participation in Lease Evaluation 06/09/2004
MO-3: Commissioners and Contract/Lease Negotiations Subsequent to Commission Approval 06/09/2004
MO-4: Contracting Reform, Proprietary Departments 03/11/2005
PE-1: Equal Employment Opportunity, Non-Discrimination and Reasonable Accommodations(rev. 8/20/2004) 02/08/2005
PE-2: Expansion Of City Jobs Program 11/12/2003
PE-3: Fair Labor Standards Act 11/12/2003
PE-4: Administration Of Overtime Provisions 11/12/2003
PE-5: 9/80 Work Schedules 11/12/2003
PE-6: Hiring Of At-Risk Young Adults And Local Hiring In City Projects 11/12/2003
SA-1 - Security 08/31/2004
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