Information, Records & Archives

  • Acceptance of Subpoenas, Fire Reports, and Arson Information Contact Info

    Los Angeles Fire Department - Arson - Custodian of Records Unit accepts subpoenas for members of the department and handles request for reports related to all fires and arson within the City of Los Angeles.
  • Background, Certifications, Folders, Records (Personnel) Contact Info

    Records: Responsible for processing various personnel-related activities such as Leave of Absences, Terminations, Transfers, Emergency Appointments, and City employee ID badges.**Certifications: Provide Certification notices and status; Processes Reinstatement, Restoration, and change of address.**B
  • Birth, Marriage, Death Certificates Contact Info

    Copies of Birth, Marriage and Death Certificates are only available from the County of Los Angeles.
  • Brush Clearance Enforcement Contact Info

    LAFD Brush Clearance Unit is responsible in ensuring that properties comply with the Fire Code relative to brush clearance and care.
  • Building and Safety Records Contact Info

    The Building and Safety Records Counter provides access to and copies of Building and Safety records. Please visit our website to find out what years and types of records are available for all commercial and residential buildings.

  • Building Permit Clearance Handbook Contact Info

    This handbook is a consolidation of all departmental clearances needed based on the type of project and its location. It provides plan checker engineers with the necessary information to properly refer permit applicants to the correct office for departmental clearance.

  • Certificate of Occupancy General Information Contact Info

    Certificate of Occupancy is issued pursuant to a building permit for new construction, additions and/or change of occupancy after all necessary construction has been approved by an inspector.

  • City Archives Contact Info

    Historical RecordsCouncil FilesOrdinancesCharters and CodesElection ResultsCouncil MinutesCommission Minutes and othersThe City Archives is the repository for City Council records and other historically valuable records of the City.
  • City Budget Information Contact Info

    The City Administrative Officer (CAO) assists the Mayor and City Council in the development and adoption of the annual budget. Members of the public can request information about the City budget from the CAO.
  • City Contracts - Online Search Contact Info

    Search the City Clerk's online database of City contracts. These contracts have been submitted by departments to the City Clerk's office for recording and filing.
  • City Employee Labor Memoranda of Understanding (MOUs) Contact Info

    Agreements between the City and employee labor organizations (unions) are known as Memoranda of Understanding (MOUs). The Employee Relations Division of the City Administrative Officer represents City management in negotiating MOUs and can provide copies of MOUs upon request.
  • City Employee Salary Information Contact Info

    The City Administrative Officer (CAO) represents City management in labor contract negotiations, which can include salaries for affected classifications. Salary rates for every employee classification are provided in a report available on the CAO's website.
  • City Records Center Contact Info

    Departmental RecordsContractsCity Planning Cases &Zoning Files - Call (213) 978-1259 for box numbersThe City Records Center provides convenient, economical off site records storage to many City departments.
  • Contracts Pre 1980 Contact Info

    Contracts later than 1980 are indexed in the "Council File Management System" on the City Clerk's web site. The City Archives has manual indexes to Contracts prior to 1980. Please request contracts by contract number via telephone, fax, e-mail prior to visiting the City Records Center.
  • Copy of Pretreatment Program Reports Contact Info

    The Bureau of Sanitation, Industrial Waste Management Division prepares and submits required Pretreatment Program reports to the State of California Regional Water Quality Control Board (SCRWQB) and the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) Region IX.
  • Council and Committee Agendas - Subscribe to Notifications Contact Info

    The on-line subscription service is for individuals to receive email notifications for agendas and other related documents for various City meetings.
  • Council and Committee Information Contact Info

    Provides Council Office information, Council, Committee, and Ad Hoc Committee meeting dates, Council Committee assignments, and contact information for the City Clerk's legislative support staff. This information is available on the City Clerk's website or on the City's main website.
  • Council File Management System (CFMS) Contact Info

    Council File and legislative status information and associated Council documents are available on line through the Council File Management System (CFMS).
  • Council Files - Pre 1980 Contact Info

    Council Files later than 1980 are indexed in the "Council File Management System" on the City Clerk's web site. The City Archives has manual indexes to council files prior to 1980. Please request council files by council file number via telephone, fax, or email prior to visiting the City Archives.
  • Council Journal/Actions/Minutes Contact Info

    Journals are a record of actions taken by Council on items for a specific meeting. To access this information, go to the City Clerk's website at and click the View Council Actions link.
  • Council Votes Results Contact Info

    City Council vote results are available on the City Clerk's main website at To access this service, click on the "Council Vote Results" link under "LACity Clerk Connect".
  • DataLA-Open Data Portal for the City of Los Angeles Contact Info

    In accordance with the Mayor's directive for transparency, the open data portal for the City of Los Angeles has all types of data to conduct research, develop web, online, and mobile applications and generally learn more about Los Angeles.
  • Election Results and Statistics Contact Info

    Election results and statistics for the City's Primary Nominating and General Municipal Elections, Board of Education, Community College District, and the County's administered State Primary and General Elections are available on the Election Archives link on the Election Division website.
  • Emergency Medical Services Billing Contact Info

    Emergency Medical Services (EMS) Billing Unit prepares bills from EMS Reports, for Medicare, Medi-Cal, Private Insurance Carriers and Individuals and also maintainsRecord of all collections for EMS related service (like Emergency Ambulance Report, Account Receivables).
  • Financial Reports for the City of Los Angeles Contact Info

    The City Controller prepares the Citys primary financial statement - the Comprehensive Annual Financial Report (CAFR). The CAFR can be accessed online or picked up at the Controller's Office

  • Fire Dept. Photo/Video Section Contact Info

    Photographs and videotapes Firefighting & EMS incidents and City of LA sponsored events.
  • Fire Safety Inspection Records Contact Info

    You can request Fire Prevention Records for structures inspected by Fire Stations. These records pertain to smaller commercial occupancies and apartment houses under three stories. (Does not include Bureau Occupancies - See Bureau of Fire Prevention and Public Safety.
  • Flood Zone and Insurance Information Contact Info

    The Bureau of Engineering Stormwater Management Group provides information as to whether a property in the City of Los Angeles is in a flood zone and, if so, what the minimum building pad elevation should be.
  • Get Help Researching Fire Department Information Contact Info

    The Los Angeles Fire Department - Research Unit provides assistance for inquiries on fire code and other technical service related information.
  • Government Cable TV Station- LA CityView 35 Contact Info

    LA CityView 35 is the official City government cable television channel for Los Angeles. It is available to basic cable subscribers throughout the city at no extra charge.
  • Grant/Quitclaim Deeds, Recording of Documents, and Mechanic Liens Contact Info

    For filing grant/quitclaim deeds, recording of documents, and mechanic liens, please contact the L.A. County Registrar-Recorder/County Clerk's Office or go to the service web site or dial the number listed below. From within L.A. County, you can dail 211 for more information.
  • HCIDLA public records requests & subpoena acceptance Contact Info

    The Housing + Community Investment Department (HCIDLA)'s Custodian of Records group coordinates the retrieval and production of documents and witnesses in response to subpoenas served upon HCIDLA as well as document production in response to California Public Records Act (CPRA) requests received by
  • Hillside Construction Plan Review Contact Info

    Applicants who wish to develop on hillside lots must comply with established regulations (the Hillside Ordinance), which includes definitions for structure height, required front and side yards, fire protection, lot coverage, parking, street access, sewer availability, sewer connections and grading.
  • Homeowner Guide for Flood, Debris, and Erosion Control Contact Info

    Obtain information on storm damage.

  • Industrial Wastewater Discharge Records Contact Info

    Industrial Wastewater Permit and Violation records are made available in accordance with the Public Records Act of California. To obtain copies of records, send your request to the Bureau of Sanitation, Industrial Waste Management Division (IWMD) at the address mentioned below.
  • Infrastructure Maps for Sale Contact Info

    The following maps and plans are available for purchase at the Bureau of Engineering District Offices: District maps (Cadastral), drainage maps, substructure maps (underground utility), wye maps (sewer), profile maps, topographic maps, recorded tract and parcel maps, street plans, deeds, survey fiel
  • Los Angeles Harbor Department Historical Archives Contact Info

    As part of the Harbor Departments Centennial celebration, in 2007, the Board of Harbor Commissioners authorized the establishment of an archives division to collect and preserve historical materials relating to the history and operation of the Port of Los Angeles.
  • Lot Split Information Contact Info

    Lot Split information can be obtained from the Bureau of Engineering Land Records Group (213)482-0060 for a fee.
  • Map Gallery Contact Info

    Annexation Map (Size: 34"x44")Bureau of Street Services Maintenance Districts >>Cadastral Maps >>Cadastral Maps in DXF format for Download >>Cadastral Maps Topo/Ortho >>City Boundary Map (As of: 07/20/07)City Clerk >>California Congressional Delegation >>City Boun
  • MyLA311: Mobile Phone Application Contact Info

    MyLA311 links Angelenos with the services and information they need to enjoy their city, beautify their community and stay connected with their local government. This mobile phone application is available for iPhone and Android phones.

  • Neighborhood Info Contact Info

    Neighborhood Info is a search system for finding various City of Los Angeles district and tract information.
  • News from the Port of Los Angeles Contact Info

    The Port of Los Angeles Media Relations Division responds to media inquiries, establishes and maintains relationships with local and international media, and strives for accuracy in resulting media coverage and Port messaging.
  • Parcel Profile Report Contact Info

    The Parcel Profile Report allow easy access and visual displays of the city parcel and zoning information for most parcels within the City of Los Angeles that can be identified by either address or property tax bill number.

  • Payment Status Contact Info

    Check payment status on permit applications. May obtain this status from PCIS.

  • Press Room - LAPD Contact Info

    City news services
  • Property Activity Report Contact Info

    This service displays general property information from the Building and Safety Plan Check and Inspection System (PCIS) and the Code Enforcement Information System (CEIS) for a given property address.

  • Public Works Projects Bid Results, Summaries, and Evaluations Contact Info

    The Bureau of Engineering posts the bid results and bid summaries for construction projects awarded by the Board of Public Works. The Board of Public Works opens bids on Wednesday mornings at 10:00 a.m. Bid results are posted on the Bureau's website by the end of the same week.
  • Public, Educational and Community Cable TV Station- LA 36 Contact Info

    LA 36 is a local Los Angeles cable television channel that supports community building and promotes learning through the development and distribution of innovative, high quality television programs.
  • Rebuild Letter Request for Restoration of Damaged Buildings Contact Info

    A self-serve, on-line system that generates the "Rebuild Letter" to confirm rebuild-ability rights for buildings.

  • Request for Fire Department Statistics Contact Info

    The Los Angeles Fire Department - Planning Section handles requests for statistics on the department's composition and activity levels of its fire resources.
  • Requests for Fire Investigation Reports Contact Info

    The Los Angeles Fire Department - Arson - Custodian of Records Unit handles requests for copies of Fire Investigation Reports for fires that were investigated by the Arson Investigation Section.
  • Requirements when Selling Residential and Commercial Property Contact Info

    To obtain information on what is required when selling residential and commercial property in the City of Los Angeles.

  • Search Campaign/Officeholder Committee Contributions Contact Info

    City candidates, officeholders and their political committees are required to file campaign statements with the City Ethics Commission at specific intervals that disclose all monetary (including loans) and non- monetary contributions received; and any increases to cash, such as bank interest and div
  • Search Registered Lobbyists Contact Info

    Any individual who directly communicates with a City official for the purpose of influencing "municipal legislation" (as defined in the ordinance) and who is compensated to spend 30 or more hours in any consecutive three-month period engaged in lobbying activities must register as a lobbyist with th
  • Sewer Wye Map Maintenance Contact Info

    The Bureau of Engineering is responsible for maintaining and updating Sewer Wye Maps to show new sewers, new connections, and modifications. You may view Sewer Wye Maps at NavigateLA, or at one of the Bureau of Engineering's District Offices.
  • Special Maps Contact Info

    For a fee, the public can request specialized maps from information maintained by the Bureau of Engineering Mapping and Land Records Division (213)482-7111. Hard copies of the database information are also available for purchase.
  • Survey Monument Coordinates Contact Info

    Latitude and Longitude are available on certain survey monuments throughout the City of Los Angeles to the private surveyor and the public in general. Information can be obtained by calling the Bureau of Engineering, Survey Division (213)482-7100 or going online to the Navigate L.A.
  • Underground Storage Tank - File Review Contact Info

    The Los Angeles Fire Department - Underground Storage Tank (UST) Program is oversees businesses that own or operate an underground storage tank. To request for UST File Review, please call (213) 482-7115.
  • View Campaign/Officeholder Committee Disclosure Statements (CA460) Contact Info

    City candidates, officeholders and their political committees are required to file campaign statements with the City Ethics Commission at specific intervals that disclose all monetary (including loans) and non- monetary contributions received; all expenditures (including loans) made; unpaid bills; a
  • View Election Totals Contact Info

    City candidates, officeholders and their political committees are required to file campaign statements with the City Ethics Commission at specific intervals that disclose all monetary (including loans) and non- monetary contributions received; all expenditures (including loans) made; unpaid bills; a
  • View Lobbying Quarterly Reporting Totals Contact Info

    Lobbyists, lobbying firms, and lobbyist employers must disclose lobbying activity for each calendar quarter during which a qualified lobbyist is registered.
  • View Public Infrastructure Maps Contact Info

    NavigateLA is a web-based mapping application that delivers maps and reports based on data supplied by various City departments, Los Angeles County, and Thomas Bros. Maps.
  • Zoning Code Manual and Commentary Contact Info

    This manual will assist in providing consistent and uniform interpretations of the Zoning Code.

  • Zoning Letter Request for Individual Property Contact Info

    The Department of Building and Safety provides this self-serve, on-line system that generates the "Zoning Letter" to provide ONLY the current zone information of your property.