Elected Offices Internships and Volunteer Opportunities

Office Page Name Link
Mayor - Eric Garcetti Internship Opportunities http://lamayor.org/intern
Mayor - Eric Garcetti Mayor's Volunteer Corps http://lamayor.org/volunteer_corps
City Attorney - Mike Feuer Careers http://www.lacityattorney.org/#!careers/c1dtx
City Controller - Ron Galperin Careers http://www.lacontroller.org/careers
Council District 1 - Gilbert Cedillo Internship Opportunities http://www.gilcedillo.com/internship_opportunities
Council District 2 - Paul Krekorian Sign Up for Updates http://www.paulkrekorian.org/sign_up_for_updates
Council District 3 - Bob Blumenfield Intern With Us http://blumenfield.lacity.org/intern_with_us
Council District 4 - David E. Ryu Internship Opportunities http://davidryu.lacity.org/internship_opportunities
Council District 5 - Paul Koretz Internship Opportunities


Council District 7 - Internship Possibilities  
Council District 8 - Marqueece Harris - Dawson Internship Opportunities http://mhdcd8.com/connect/internship-opportunities/
Council District 11 - Mike Bonin Join the Team http://www.11thdistrict.com/join_the_team
Council District 11 - Mike Bonin Internships http://www.11thdistrict.com/interns
Council District 14 - Jose Huizar The District http://www.josehuizar.com/the_district