Open Data for Businesses

Listing of Active Businesses

Listing of all active businesses currently registered with the Office of Finance. An "active" business is defined as a registered business whose owner has not notified the Office of Finance of a cease of business operations.  Update Interval: Monthly.

Affordable Housing Trust Funded Developments from 2003 to Present

Housing and Community Investment Department LA projects developed with money from affordable housing trust fund beginning in 2003 to the present

BAVN Open Bid Opportunities

A listing of open bid opportunities provided by the City of Los Angeles and available on the Los Angeles Business Assistance Virtual Network (BAVN) at

Building and Safety Permit Information

The Department of Building and Safety issues permits for the construction, remodeling, and repair of buildings and structures in the City of Los Angeles. Permits are categorized into building permits, electrical permits, and mechanical permits (which include plumbing, HVAC systems, fire sprinklers, elevators, and pressure vessels). Depending on the complexity of a project, a permit may be issued the same day with Express Permit or e-Permit ("No Plan Check" category), or a permit may require that the plans be reviewed ("Plan Check" category) by a Building and Safety Plan Check personnel.