Department of Cannabis Regulation Takes First Steps to Regulate Commercial Cannabis

by Department of Cannabis Regulation on January 3, 2018
Image of a person filling out an online application form.

Priority Processing Now Available for Qualifying Existing Medical Marijuana Dispensaries   

The Department of Cannabis Regulation has begun to accept applications for Proposition M Priority Processing from qualifying Existing Medical Marijuana Dispensaries. This is one of the first of many steps, the City of Los Angeles is taking to implement its new Cannabis Ordinances that were passed by City Council, and signed by Mayor Eric Garcetti just a few weeks prior. 

For decades, the City of Los Angeles has grappled with the complexities of evolving cannabis policies, their enforcement, and the consequences of an unregulated cannabis market. Although some communities have experienced the impacts of cannabis policies more than others, most Angelenos agreed that it was time for the City to do something different. 

In March 2017, over 80% of voters in the City of Los Angeles supported the general regulation, enforcement and taxation of commercial cannabis-related activity.  Responding to the will of Angeleno voters, the City established a Department of Cannabis Regulation and Five-Member Cannabis Regulation Commission.

The Department of Cannabis Regulation is primarily responsible for, working in conjunction with the Cannabis Regulation Commission to implement the City’s new regulatory framework and is furthermore responsible for administering the Rules and Regulations for Cannabis Procedures to include the licensing of businesses engaged in commercial cannabis activity. 

Today, as the Department of Cannabis Regulation announces the beginning of Proposition M Priority Processing, it begins its formal process of responsible commercial cannabis regulation.  As the City has never before regulated commercial cannabis, today marks a significant moment in the City’s history. 

Still, the implementation of the City’s new cannabis policy and the licensing of cannabis businesses won’t occur overnight -- To learn more about the City’s Cannabis Ordinances, the Department of Cannabis Regulation and how to apply for Proposition M Priority Processing visit the Department of Cannabis Regulation’s website at