Apply For A Permit Or License

  • Sewer Permit - S Permit Contact Info

    An S Permit is needed to construct, alter, repair or perform maintenance to any house connection sewer, bonded house connection sewer, special house connection sewer, industrial waste sewer connection, industrial waste storm drain connection, storm drain connection, or special drainage connection, o
  • Permit for Minor Right of Way Construction - A Permit Contact Info

    An A permit is required for minor construction in the public right-of-way which includes sidewalks, driveways, curb and gutter along property frontages.
  • Permits for Encroachment on Public Right of Ways - R Permit Contact Info

    The purpose of the Revocable Permit (R-Permit) is to grant conditional encroachment of the public right-of-way by private parties not authorized to occupy the right-of-way.
  • Permit for Major Right of Way Construction - B Permit Contact Info

    The B permit is required for all major construction in the public right-of-way which includes the widening of streets and alleys, the changing of existing street grade, construction of bridges, retaining walls, and the installation of sewer, storm drains, street lighting, and traffic signals.
  • Excavation Permit for Utility Companies - U Permit Contact Info

    Excavation permits are required for any excavation or trenching in streets/public right-of-way. Examples of where excavation permits are necessary are electrolier and pull box relocations, monitoring wells, soil borings, and pothole drilling in public right-of-ways.

  • Excavation Permit for Private Contractors - E Permit Contact Info

    An "E" Permit (LAMC 62.0A) is issued for jobs in or adjacent to public streets for the purposes of a street light relocation, shoring (lateral support), a monitoring well, soilboring, private conduits (non-franchise), and other activities. E permits are issued to private contractors.

  • Street Use Permits Contact Info

    The Investigation and Enforcement Division issues street use permits for numerous street activities, including overloads, special events, building materials, newsracks, newsstands, water discharge/fire test, curb painting, tree prune, house/object move, and entrance canopy.
  • Engineering Review of Conditional Use Permits Contact Info

    The Planning Department issues Conditional Use Permits which allow certain uses in zones other than which they are classified. The Bureau of Engineering reviews Planning's Conditional Use Permits and Zoning Variances for Public Works requirements.
  • LA Harbor Filming and Photography Permits Contact Info

    All filming on Port of Los Angeles property requires pre-approval from the Wharfinger Division. Please contact the Wharfinger Division prior to finalizing any filming activities at the Port.
  • Burglar Alarms - LAPD Contact Info

    Report ringing or activated burglar alarms for business, residence or vehicles. New rules are now in effect concerning residential and business burglar alarms.

  • Commercial Filming and Special Events at El Pueblo Contact Info

    The historical buildings, brick-lined alleys and Plaza at El Pueblo de Los Angeles Historical Monument provide a picturesque setting for television, motion picture and commercial filming opportunities.
  • Enforcement of Street Use Rules Contact Info

    The Bureau of Street Services Investigation and Enforcement Division regulates the use or misuse of the public right-of-way. Enforcement and regulatory activities in the Division fall within three general categories: construction, public health and safety, and community/event based operations.
  • Building Construction Permits Contact Info

    The Los Angeles Department of Building and Safety is responsible for issuing construction permits such as building, plumbing, electrical, pressure vessel, elevator, heating, ventilating and air conditioning permits.

  • Business Taxes & License Contact Info

    Business Taxes & License provides information on the following: l)Branch office locations and contact information. Locations in which public can receive information about or pay their business taxes.2)Billing address where Business Tax Renewal payments may be sent.

  • Fire Permits Renewal Information Contact Info

    Fire Permit Renewal Information

  • Alarm System Police Permit General Information Contact Info

    Any person or business that has an Alarm System in the City of Los Angeles at a business address and/or at a residential address must have a valid Los Angeles City Alarm System Police Permit.

  • e-Permit (Permit L.A.) Contact Info

    e-Permit is now Permit L.A. It is a simple, hassle free way to obtain permits that do not require plan check (Express Permits) via the Internet.

  • Status or Disposition of a Construction Plan Contact Info

    Check the status or disposition of a plan by using the Internet based Property Activity Report.

  • Track4LA Online Insurance Compliance System Contact Info

    The City of Los Angeles, Office of the City Administrative Officer (CAO) Risk Management is responsible for insurance and bonds compliance of contractors, vendors, and permittees on a citywide basis.
  • Banner Permits Contact Info

    Authorized banner companies in the City of Los Angeles can submit an application online to request for Banner Permits.
  • Overload Permits Contact Info

    The use, movement, transport, and parking of overweight, overwide, or overheight equipment requires an Overload permit. Read the requirements, rules, and guidelines to apply for a permit online.
  • Tree Trimming/Pruning Permits Contact Info

    Trimming of City trees and shrubs that affects free passage of vehicle and pedestrian traffic, upon streets and sidewalks requires a permit.Read the requirements, rules, and guidelines.Apply for a permit online.
  • LA PARKS Service Request Application Contact Info

    The Recreation and Parks mobile service application links residents with services and information they need to enjoy their city, embellish their community and remain connected with local government.

  • LADWP Bill Payment Options (Commercial) Contact Info

    LADWP provides various payment options to make it more convenient for commercial customers to pay their bill online, by phone, by mail, and in person.