The 3-1-1 Call Center provides various options to connect to a wide variety of non-emergency City services and general information. Some of the most popular City services can be requested directly through the 3-1-1 Call Center or submitted online by using the MyLA311 application. These include bulky ... (see full description)

Accepts payments for B-Permits, U-Permits/Excavation Permits and Overload Permits.

Provides quality service enabling citizens and animals in the City to live together in safety. L.A. Animal Services houses and cares for lost and abandonment animals in its six shelters located throughout the City and enforces laws and ordinances regulating the care, custody, control and prevention ... (see full description)

Establishes and revises Civil Service Rules. Prepares Commission agenda and minutes. Receives suspension, termination and discrimination appeals. Conducts and coordinates disciplinary hearings. Provides transcripts of hearings and meetings.

The Bureau of Sanitation provides free assessments and technical assistance in starting or expanding recycling programs for businesses. Services include identifying recyclable materials, helping with collection services and peer mentoring. For more information or technical assistance contact (213) ... (see full description)

The Department of Animal Services Call Center has been closed due to budget constraints as of July 1, 2010. Please call 888-452-7381 for information or to contact shelter or administrative staff.

The Community Development, Equal Opportunity Compliance Unit (EO Unit) is responsible for handling only complaints brought under the federal Workforce Investment Act (WIA) program. The WIA program activities are provided by City- wide WorkSource and Youth WorkSource Centers.

The City of Los Angeles sells phone directory listings of City departments and employees. The price of each directory is $21.00 if mailed, and $15.00 if it is picked-up. Payment by check only, made payable to "City of Los Angeles." No cash or credit cards accepted.

Call this library service for quick answers to commonly asked questions about businesses, manufacturers, historical or biographical facts, sports information, math or science formulas, definitions and many other subjects.

Citizens wishing to file a service complaint against Department staff should contact the Administration Office.

If you have complaints regarding LACERS' service, please contact our office contact our office and ask to speak to a supervisor.

Complaints about ERB staff or services should be directed to the Executive Director.

To report a complaint call 213-847-1483. To get a status regarding a streetlight previously requested for repair through 311, call 323-913-4744.

Unofficial copies of the ownership deeds affecting most properties within the City of Los Angeles may be obtained at the Mapping & Land Records Group public counter for a fee (213)482-7111.

In accordance with the Mayor's directive for transparency, the open data portal for the City of Los Angeles has all types of data to conduct research, develop web, online, and mobile applications and generally learn more about Los Angeles. This site allows you to view or download the data in a ... (see full description)

Provides assistance for any complaints directed to the Planning Department.

This service provides a way for concerned citizens to communicate complaints, provide comments, or describe concerns regarding the services provided by the Department of Neighborhood Empowerment. By calling our main office telephone number and describing your complaint or comment, our staff can ... (see full description)

Constituents with disabilities who wish to file a complaint/grievance against a City Department regarding physical or programmatic access to programs, services or activities.

For Domestic Partnerships or Apostille of Documents, please contact the State of California Information or go to the web site or dial the number listed below. (The City of Los Angeles does not handle these matters).

The DWP has electric and water trouble crews available to repair power outages, broken water mains, downed power lines, and provide other emergency services. These emergency crews perform very specialized work and work diligently to maintain a continuous water and power supply to homes and ... (see full description)

The DWP would like to encourage everyone to be mindful of their energy consumption, and conserve our natural resources whenever possible. While DWP has sufficient resources to meet the energy requirements of our City, the DWP is committed to an aggressive conservation program that will enable us to ... (see full description)

The DWP offers a variety of efficiency solutions and incentive programs to educate our customers on the efficient use of energy resources and reward those that participate in energy-reducing efforts. Many of these programs involve rebates for the purchase of energy-efficient appliances. These ... (see full description)

The following Records are available to the public: Cadastral Maps, City Zoning, Coastal Commission, District, Drainage, House numbering district, Official Maps, Right-of-Way and Land Maps, Street Maps, Vacation Maps, Wye Maps, Zoning Atlas, Zoning Maps, B-Plans, D-Plans, Dl-Plans, Profiles, ... (see full description)

Fee Title Information is available online. If a more detailed ownership record is required the Land Records Section at 201 N. Figueroa Street on the 7th floor (213) 482-0060 can provide the information. Counter service is available at the Land Records Section.

The Department of Aging is fully committed to delivering the highest quality of customer service to its constituents. Please contact Information and Assistance Director Charles Shivers if you have any problems and/or concerns regarding the department's services at (213) 482-7246 or via email at ... (see full description)

General information regarding the Department of Public Works.

For immigration or income tax matters, please contact the U.S. Federal Government Information or go to the service web site or dial the number listed below. (The City of Los Angeles does not handle these matters).

The Recreation and Parks mobile service application links residents with services and information they need to enjoy their city, embellish their community and remain connected with local government. The Submit Service Request feature allows you to quickly and easily submit requests involving the ... (see full description)

Patrons wishing to submit a complaint can do so by telephone, in writing or on the Web. For complaints regarding any of our 72 branches call 213-228-7570 or write to the Director of Branch Library Services, Los Angeles Public Library, 630 W. 5th Street, Los Angeles, CA 90071. If the complaint is ... (see full description)

Response to general complaints, comments, or concerns regarding the services provided by the Department

Contact Community Relations to make a complaint about our department.

Lot Split information can be obtained from the Bureau of Engineering Land Records Group (213)482-0060 for a fee. Lot split dates are needed as part of the building permit process for some properties to determine legality in accordance with applicable regulations. Contact the Department of Community ... (see full description)

The Mayor's Help Desk provides face to face help with City services.

LA Animal Services accepts payment in cash and local personal checks with a preprinted local address and current California ID, California driver's license, military ID, or passport. We now also accept payment by ATM and credit cards. No partial payments or out-of-state checks are accepted.

MyLA311 links Angelenos with the services and information they need to enjoy their city, beautify their community and stay connected with their local government. This mobile phone application is available for iPhone and Android phones. The Submit Service Request feature allows you to quickly and ... (see full description)

This service provides information about Neighborhood Councils, including the name of the Neighborhood Council, the boundaries, the names and contact information of the officers and board members, and the Department of Neighborhood Empowerment employee ("Advocate") who personally assists ... (see full description)

The Office of Discrimination Complaint Resolution (ODCR) addresses employment discrimination complaints filed by employees of the City of Los Angeles or by applicants for employment with the City. Individuals contact ODCR for review, investigation and resolution of complaints for EEO ... (see full description)

Internet form available to report complaints such as loud noise, low flying, early turns, etc.

Vendor payments for City purchases are ultimately released by the Department of General Services. However, questions regarding vendor payments for purchases made by the Department of City Planning may be directed to the Administrative Services Accounting/Purchasing Section at (213) 978-1282.

Land surveys of private property are not performed by the City of Los Angeles, Bureau of Engineering Survey Division. Private Surveyors can be found in the telephone directory under Surveyor Land. Questions related to surveys of public property may be referred to the Bureau of Engineering Survey ... (see full description)

Copies of maps showing property ownership boundaries can be purchased at a Bureau of Engineering public counter in the District Offices.

Information concerning the Bureau of Street Lighting's public counter. Constituents can request street lighting technical records, maps, plans and diagrams at the counter or via telephone.

Provides answers to questions on Public Works invoices for work orders, B-permits or other time and material billings.

Provides answers to questions on how to and where to pay Public Works invoices.

Provides information on status of payments for Construction and Personal Services Contract Payments for the Department of Public Works. Excludes City Attorney settlement payments related to Public Works and Payments from general obligation bond funds and sewer construction.

Provides information on how to obtain a copy of the Sewer Construction and Maintenance Fund financial statements issued by the Department of Public Works.

Provides information on status of payments for construction and personal service contract payments for the Department of Public Works made from general obligation bond funds and for City Attorney settlements related to Public Works.

Provides answers to questions on invoices, billings, and payments for Industrial Waste.

Provides information on status of payments for construction and personal service contract payments for the Department of Public Works made from Sewer Construction and Maintenance(SC&M) funds.

The Department encourages the public to contact the appropriate office with any complaints, questions, suggestions, and/or comments.

The one-stop central source of information for recreation, child, and senior centers, parks, museums and landmarks, golf courses, pools, and all the other open space and recreational places operated by Recreation and Parks. This office also handles media and international inquiries.

The Recycling Market Development Zone Program was established by CalReycles to stimulate recycling based manufacturing businesses and to create jobs. The RMDZ offers a Revolving Loan Program and financial incentives that include: Industrial Development Bond Financing, Small Business Financing, State ... (see full description)

Telephone contact to receive information on how to speak/interview Fire Department personnel as witnesses on-duty related incidents.

The DWP would like to assure its customers that DWP has a power supply sufficient to meet all of our customers' demands. DWP has maintained ownership of its generating facilities and chosen not to deregulate its market at this time. Therefore, DWP has plenty of power for all of our customers' needs, ... (see full description)

Developers can submit final subdivision maps to the Bureau of Engineering Land Development Group (LDG) for approval after the maps have been approved by the Advisory Agency of the Planning Commission or the City Council. The LDG provides copies of the maps to the Bureau of Engineering Survey ... (see full description)

To report a recurring drainage problem, standing water, stagnant water, street drainage, storm drain, catch basin, ponding waste, standing water, flood, sump, or gutter problems you may contact a Bureau of Engineering District Office. Depending on the location of the complaint, the proper district ... (see full description)

Requirements for submitting final tract and parcel maps. Forms are available online. Forms must be submitted at the Land Development Group counter.

The Bureau of Engineering assigns lot addresses, street addresses and street numbers in the City of Los Angeles. Requests to verify, modify, or add an address of a lot or parcel can be made to a Bureau of Engineering District Office. Some address information is also available on the Internet at ... (see full description)

The DWP provides a continuous water supply to the City of Los Angeles. Much of this water must be imported from sources outside of the Los Angeles basin. In order to ensure that DWP can meet the anticipated water needs of its customers, it is important that residents do their part to help conserve ... (see full description)

Our mission is to deliver a dependable supply of safe, quality water to our customers in an efficient and publicly responsible manner. The water delivered to your water meter meets all State and Federal drinking water standards and is safe to use without further treatment. The DWP is required by ... (see full description)

General information to address questions complaints, comments, or concerns regarding the services provided by the Department of the Zoo.

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