877 ASK-LAPD is the police department's primary non-emergency number. Use 877 ASK-LAPD for all of your non-emergency police needs. 877 ASK-LAPD is available 24 hours per day, in English, Spanish and TTY. Non-emergency requests for police service include reports of non-violent disputes, disturbances, ... (see full description)

877 LAPD247 (1-877-527-3247) is available for reporting additional information and clues in on-going investigations, staffed 24 hours daily.

Reports of children playing near and around abandoned refrigerators or appliances should be transferred to 9-1-1 for police response.

Los Angeles Fire Department - Arson - Custodian of Records Unit accepts subpoenas for members of the department and handles request for reports related to all fires and arson within the City of Los Angeles.

Administrative Services Bureau (ASB)formerly Administrative Technical Services Bureau(ATSB)

The Animal Cruelty Task Force (ACTF) works in conjunction with the Department of Animal Services. The Task Force conducts investigations involving dog fighting, cockfighting, animal sacrifice, bestiality, animal beatings, and animal poisoning. The ACTF is assigned to Planning and Research Divison ... (see full description)

The function of the Audit Division is to ascertain if Department policies, procedures, and rules are adequate and are being adhered to, whether Department resources are adequate and are being properly utilized, and to evaluate the overall performance and attitude of the Department.

Psychological services and counseling for sworn and civilian members of the LAPD. Confidential. Critical incident debriefings, psychoanalysis, crisis negotiations, marital/family problems.

In charge of overall policy for the LAPD. The Chief of Police reports to the Board of Police Commissioners and implements the the policies and goals set forth by the Board of Police Commissioners. The Police Commissioners are appointed by the Mayor. The Board of Police Commissioners meets every ... (see full description)

Report ringing or activated burglar alarms for business, residence or vehicles. New rules are now in effect concerning residential and business burglar alarms. An alarm system user with a valid permit will be billed a penalty assessment of $50 for the second false alarm within 365 days of the first ... (see full description)

Central Traffic Division handles traffic accident reports for Central Bureau. Traffic accidents involving an injury, including hit and run accidents with an injury, can not be taken over the phone.

Charlie Beck - Chief of Police. The Chief's duties include managing the daily operations of the LAPD and implementing the policies and goals set forth by the Board of Police Commissioners. The following information is provided to refer the public to the correct police department office: ... (see full description)

Chief of Staff (COS)

Transfer to 9-1-1. All reports of attempted, possible or verified child abuse, or child endangerment, in progress or already occurred, shall be investigated by the LAPD.

The City Attorney's Child Abuse Prosecution Unit provides a comprehensive approach to detecting, intervening, and prosecuting child abuse crimes in the early stages of the cycle of child abuse.

Call 1-800-439-2909 at any time to receive updated information on current emergencies or crisis situations affecting the public.

COMMUNITY RELATIONS OFFICE Community policing information, neighborhood watch programs, volunteer opportunities, youth and explorer services, and community based programs. Includes Central, Devonshire, Foothill, Harbor, Hollenbeck, Hollywood, Mission,Newton, North Hollywood, Pacific, Rampart, 77th ... (see full description)

1) You may contact a Department supervisor at any Los Angeles Police Department Community Police Station, regardless of where in the city the incident occurred. At the stations, this supervisor will usually be the "watch commander;" however, it may be a sworn or civilian employee of equal ... (see full description)

Constitutional Policing Unit is comprised of the Internal Audits and Inspection Division, Risk Management Division, Fiscal Operations Division and Planning and Research Division.

The Consumer Protection Unit prosecutes a myriad of unlawful commercial practices ranging from unlicensed conduct to outright fraud. The types of cases investigated and prosecuted by the Consumer Protection Unit include those involving false advertising, auto repair , real estate, talent agency and ... (see full description)

Responsible of the investigations of death that are not under the care of a doctor within the last 30 days.

Provides financial services for Department employees and their families.

The City Attorney is the chief prosecutor in the City of Los Angeles. The City Attorney's Office prosecutes all misdemeanor criminal offenses and infraction occurring in the City. With 70 percent of all adult felony arrests referred to the City Attorney's Office for misdemeanor filing, cases are ... (see full description)

formerly South Bureau Homicide

Criminal Investigation Division (CID) operates under the Professional Standards Bureau. Includes Criminal Investigation Section A, Criminal Investigation Section B, Criminal Investigation Section C

Detective Bureau (DB) includes Investigative Analysis Section and Tactical Technology Unit

Directs investigations to the appropriate detective unit or section. Includes autos, burglary, homicide, robbery, auto theft, juvenile, crimes against persons (CAPS), sex crimes, sexual assaults, investigations. Includes Central, Devonshire, Foothill, Harbor, Hollenbeck, Hollywood, Mission, Newton, ... (see full description)

BY LAW THE POLICE DEPT MUST RESPOND TO ALL REPORTS OF DOMESTIC VIOLENCE. DOMESTIC VIOLENCE IN PROGRESS IMMEDIATE XFER TO 9-1-1 Reports of domestic violence that have already occurred with no suspect at the location, and no medical attention needed, transfer to 1-877-ASK-LAPD Domestic violence ... (see full description)

The City Attorney's Elder Crimes Unit enforces laws that protect the elderly and dependent adults. The Elder Crimes Unit prosecutes financial crimes committed against elderly victims, as well as crimes of physical and financial abuse occurring in nursing homes and long-term care facilities. The ... (see full description)

Provides links to various public and private agency websites and phone numbers regarding emergency preparedness for business.

Provides information to the public regarding emergency preparedness volunteer training and opportunities.

The Emergency Vehicle Operations Course (EVOC) exposes officers to a variety of training environments. The track is used to train recruit and veteran officers in basic and advanced vehicle handling dynamics, and to train officers assigned to specialized units in dignitary protection and evasive ... (see full description)

The Employee Assistance Unit coincides with Behavioral Sciences Section and the services they provide are: support for employee and family member deaths (natural causes), coordinates the Chaplain program, alcohol and chemical dependency program (employee and family), Department Honor Guard, Peer ... (see full description)

Employee Relations Group (ERG)

The Bureau of Street Services Investigation and Enforcement Division regulates the use or misuse of the public right-of-way. Enforcement and regulatory activities in the Division fall within three general categories: construction, public health and safety, and community/event based operations. For ... (see full description)

Facilities Management Division (FMD)is comprised of two sections. The Facilities Planning Section is responsible for developing design standards, criteria and overseeing the planning and construction of new police facilities as well as expansions and renovations to existing facilities. The ... (see full description)

Investigates Federal Crimes.

All uniformed members of the Fire Prevention Bureau that maintain the rank of Fire Captain and/or Fire Inspector. Performs fire & life safety functions during filming, special events, festivals, firework displays, sporting events, parades, parties, concerts, activities located in the Very High ... (see full description)

This unit is a subdivision of the Public Assemblage Section and is primarily responsible for the all Public Safety in the San Fernando Valley.

Reports of fireworks are handled by the Los Angeles Police Department (LAPD). Call 1-877-ASK-LAPD (1-877-275-5273) for non-emergency police service. Call 9-1-1 if injuries are involved or if a fire has resulted from the use of fireworks.

Fiscal Operations Division (FOD) prepares and distributes the Department&8217;s payroll, annual budget, organizational charts and financial statements.

Force Investigation Division (FID)includes the Administrative Investigation Section and the Criminal Investigation Section

Provides maintenance, fuel and parts for police vehicles. Includes Central garage, Central Motor garage (Central Facilities), Devonshire garage, Foothill garage, Harbor garage, Hollenbeck garage, Hollywood garage, Mission garage,Newton garage, Northeast garage, North Hollywood garage, Pacific ... (see full description)

All applications must be completed and submitted within 60 days of the incident. The processing of this application is contingent upon confirmation of conviction or final adjudication. After the LAPD receives confirmation it may take 8-10 weeks to receive a monetary award. THE CITY COUNCIL HAS SOLE ... (see full description)

The Office of Community Beautification (OCB) operates a graffiti removal program. Requests for graffiti removal are referred to community-based organizations contracted through OCB or to other agencies. Work is performed using paint, chemical solvents or sandblasting/waterblasting, depending on the ... (see full description)

As part of the Teamwork LA program, the LADWP will remove shoes that have been wrapped around overhead lines. Contact 800 DIAL-DWP

The Los Angeles Police Reserve Corps is comprised of community members who volunteer their time to fulfill many of the roles handled by full-time sworn police officers. Reserve officers receive the same training as regular officers and work alongside them in every aspect of Department operations.

L.A. Metro Task Force on Human Trafficking. This is a multi-agency task force involving federal, state, county, local police agencies, including non-governmental organizations to reduce and prevent human trafficking.

The City's illegal dumping prevention campaign offers a $1000 reward to citizens who report acts of illegal dumping that lead to arrest and conviction of offenders. Citizens are reminded to call 3-1-1 the City's non-emergency hotline to report violators. Calls are strictly confidential. Citizens may ... (see full description)

Information Technology Bureau (ITB) is comprised of the following: Information Technology Division (ITD), TEAMS II Division, Contracts and Grants Section

Inspector General Nicole Bershon. The Office of the Inspector General (OIG) has oversight over the Departments internal disciplinary process. The staff receives copies of every personnel complaint filed, and tracks selected cases along with any resultant litigation. In addition, the OIG audits ... (see full description)

Investigates public and internal complaints involving sworn and civilian employees of the LAPD. Complaints can be made anonymously and telephonically by calling (800) 339-6868.

Internal Audits and Inspections Division (IAID) conducts audits/inspections of the of the Department.

To report information that relates to terrorism, call 1-877-A-THREAT (1-877-284-7328) or file a report online at www.iwatchla.org. 1-877-A-THREAT is a toll-free number available 24 hours per day to report terrorism threats and information related to the City of Los Angeles. If you want to contact ... (see full description)

Jail information on persons arrested and in custody. Bail can be posted 24 hours per day. Bail payment can be made in the form of cash, valid surety bond or a cashiers check payable to the LAPD Bail Account from a California bank. County Jail (LA County Sheriff) info is available on line at ... (see full description)

For Los Angeles - Eastlake Juvenile Hall, Sylmar Juvenile Hall For Los Angeles County: Los Padrinos Juvenile Hall 7285 E. Quill Downey, CA 90242 MacLaren Hall 4024 N. Durfee El Monte, CA 91732 You must call individual centers to locate juveniles in detention, this site does not provide that ... (see full description)

The Recreation and Parks mobile service application links residents with services and information they need to enjoy their city, embellish their community and remain connected with local government. The Submit Service Request feature allows you to quickly and easily submit requests involving the ... (see full description)

Provides LAPD uniform and detective services at the Los Angeles International Airport.

LAPRAAC operates a store where officers can purchase their uniforms, shoes, guns, and miscellaneous equipment. Uniform tailoring, shoe shine and haircut facilities are also available. The LAPRAAC Cafe, and the Banquet Facilities are available for special occasions. LAPRAAC encourages the highest ... (see full description)

Formed to establish a facility to display the rich history of the LAPD. If you are interested in membership, archival research, stories, photographs, and/or a product catalog please contact the Los Angeles Police Historical Society at (323) 344-9445.

The Los Angeles Police Memorial Foundation was established to provide assistance to families of police officers who were killed in the line of duty. Benefits are also provided for catastrophic circumstances, such as injuries and illness. Help is available to members of police families, retired and ... (see full description)

The Los Angeles Police Protective League (LAPPL) provides union representation to sworn personnel at the rank of Lieutenant and below. Services include health, dental and life insurance benefits, officer representation for disciplinary matters, financial assistance for hardships.

LAX Airport Police Lost and Found should be contacted only after visitors FIRST contact airlines, restaurants, taxis, buses, and other services for lost suitcases or other items.

Proposition D was passed by the electorate in the May 21, 2013 Municipal Election. Proposition D prohibits the operation or establishment of Medical Marijuana Businesses, including renting to, or working for, and using any vehicle in furtherance of such businesses. Prop. D became effective on June ... (see full description)

A first aid station is located on the Upper/Departure Level of the Tom Bradley International Terminal.

The LAPD will investigate all persons reported missing until the person is found or determined to be a voluntarily missing adult. Reporting parties DO NOT have to wait for a specific period to elapse (i.e 24 hrs) prior to reporting the person missing. To make a missing person report for persons 18 ... (see full description)

Mission Area (division)includes telephone numbers for the following offices: Front desk, Area Captain, Patrol Captain, Adjutant, Watch Commander's office, Training Unit, Records, Community Relations Officer (CRO), Youth Services Officer (YSO), Jeopardy, Property, and Detective Desk.

Neighborhood Watch Programs forge bonds among area residents and businesses, help reduce burglaries and robberies, and improve relations between police and the communities they serve. Contact area community relations offices (CRO) to initiate a neighborhood watch program in your area or to request a ... (see full description)

Office of Operations (OO)includes the director, Strategic Operations, Community Policing Unit, Youth Programs, Field Deployment and Employee Administrative Section

Office of Support Services (OSS)

For impounded or recovered vehicles. Commission Investigation Division (CID) is responsible for regulation of towing/storage and all charges levied by the Official Police Garage (OPG). Approved tow companies include: Viertels Tow, Swanney McDonald Tow, Absolute Hollenbeck Tow, 7th Street Garage, ... (see full description)

Formerly Work Environment Liaison Section (WELS), Environmental Evaluation Team, Military Liaison Officer

The Operations-South Bureau oversees operations in the following Areas: Harbor, 77th Street, Southeast and Southwest, as well as the South Traffic Division.

The Operations-Valley Bureau (OVB) oversees operations in the following areas: Devonshire, Foothill, North Hollywood, Van Nuys, and West Valley, as well as Valley Traffic Division.

Operations-West Bureau (OWB) overseas operations in the following communities: Hollywood, Wilshire, Pacific and West Los Angeles, as well as the West Traffic Division, which includes the neighborhoods of Pacific Palisades, Westwood, Century City, Venice, Hancock Park, and the Miracle Mile. In the ... (see full description)

In situations of a serious medical/first-aid nature, paramedic ambulance assistance can be summoned within minutes by contacting any airline employee or LAX Airport Police at 310 646-7911 in the Central Terminal Area.

The Los Angeles Park Rangers improve Los Angeles park patrons' recreational experience by insuring a safe and comfortable park environment and protect the natural resources of city parks. The Park Ranger Division of Recreation and Parks respond to 12 regional facilities: Griffith Park, Elysian Park, ... (see full description)

Responsible for conducting investigative backgrounds of sworn and civilian candidates, processing,interviewing, and screening civilian (non-sworn) applicants, scheduling job interviews and medical exams (sworn only), and conducting pre-exit interviews. Includes the Retirement Counselor, employment ... (see full description)

Planning and Research Division (PRD) provides administrative staff support to the Chief of Police. PRD units include: Strategic Planning; Mapping and Graphics; Special Projects Section; Procedure and Directive Section

Provides recruit officer training and continuous education development to sworn and civilian personnel. Includes physical training, Spanish language, firearms, tactics, emergency vehicle, human relations, arrest and control, field training, and career development. Includes Ahmanson Recruit Training ... (see full description)

The Los Angeles Police Department contracts with Property Bureau to conduct the auction of police property. The auctions typically include bicycles, radios, jewelry, and other valuable items that could not be returned to the owner. For future reference, please contact: www.propertyroom.com The Los ... (see full description)

Oversees, investigates and recommends discipline for holders of City permits, which have a public safety component. Include business permits, permits for home and business alarm systems, charitable organizations to solicit funds and designations of Official Police Garages (tow companies). Complaints ... (see full description)

Formerly Parker Center (PAB)- Police Administrative Building, for police related information and services, police reports, bail, warrant and jail information, citizen complaints.

Permit applicants need to contact the Permit Processing Section for instructions on how to attend a free seminar based on the type of permit they are requesting.

Administers health, dental and life insurance benefits to Police Officers (sworn); financial assistance.

The Airport Police Bureau ensures the safety, security, and protection of the airport through professional law enforcement and public service including crime suppression, airport security, and traffic management.

LA/Ontario International Airport's (ONT) Police Services Section ensures the safety, security, and protection of the airport through professional law enforcement and public service including crime suppression, airport security, and traffic management.

Van Nuys Airport's (VNY) Police Services Section ensures the safety, security, and protection of the airport through professional law enforcement and public service including crime suppression and airport security.

The LAPD is comprised of 21 geographical Area Community Police Stations and 4 Traffic Divisions. Police Station front desk staff take walk-in and telephonic police reports, provide information, take complaints, information on lost and found, Senior Lead officers. Includes Central, Devonshire, ... (see full description)

Off-site facility to report non-emergency crimes. If you feel the need to speak to an officer, feel free to stop by during service hours. Little Tokyo (Koban) Sub-station, LAX Sub-station, Venice Sub-station.

The Port Police are responsible for the safety and security of all passenger, cargo and vessel operations at the Port. They patrol the waterfront by automobile, boat, helicopter and bicycle, enforcing federal, state and local public safety statutes as well as environmental and maritime safety ... (see full description)

Property Division is responsible for receiving, documenting, safeguarding, preparing for release, releasing and destroying items booked into the custody of the Los Angeles Police Department.

Police Officer recruitment and employment division (RED). Volunteer Services Section.

Reporting vandalism to streetlights suchas graffiti on poles, wires or cables being removed from underground conduits, wires or cables being cut, light fixtures being shot out or damaged by thrown objects, or base doors being removed. If on metal, steel or concrete streetlight pole call 213-473-3231 ... (see full description)

Restraining Orders are court orders directing a violent person to stop harassing a victim or the victims children. They may be obtained without cost, and will be enforced by the Los Angeles Police Department. Persons violating restraining orders may be arrested. Once a person obtains a valid ... (see full description)

The Robbery-Homicide Division (RHD) investigates homicides, bank robberies, and other selected robberies, extortions, sex crimes and kidnappings on a Citywide basis. RHD is also responsible for investigating officer-involved shootings, incidents that result in injury or death to the officer, threats ... (see full description)

Responsible for law enforcement and security services for city facilities.

Firearms training and monthly qualification using duty-handguns and shotguns for police personnel. Academy range, Harbor range, Davis Training facility.

South Traffic Division. Traffic accident reports involving an injury, including hit and run accidents with an injury, can not be taken over the phone. South Traffic Division includes the following personnel/sections: Captain, El Protector Azul, Watch Commander, Desk, Analytical, Subpoena Control, ... (see full description)

Special Operations Division (SOD) operates under the Professional Standards Bureau

Supply Section manages the Stores and Services Unit. The Stores Unit procures, receives, inspects, stores, inventories, replaces and accounts for Department expense items.The Services Unit obtains furniture and equipment for the Department, stores items for future deliveries and maintains the ... (see full description)

User types "LAPD" plus their tip on their cell phone or PDA and texts it to "CRIMES" (274637). This is done anonymously as the user ID is masked and the LAPD has no way of knowing who the sender is. FOR YOUR SAFETY YOU SHOULD ALWAYS DELETE ALL TEXT MESSAGES TO AND FROM 274637 ... (see full description)

LAPD responds to traffic accidents involving the following criteria: report of injury, driving under the influence (drunk or under medication), city property involved (CPI), hit and run, refusing to exchange information (i.e. driver's license, insurance), argument or fight at the scene, overturned ... (see full description)

LAPD Traffic Divisions will not take a report for non-injury or property only traffic accidents. HOLDS placed on vehicles involved in a crime are released by Traffic Detectives ONLY Mon-Fri, 7:00-3:30 PM; NO AFTER HOUR RELEASES. Central Traffic Div. includes Central Area, Hollenbeck Area, Newton ... (see full description)

Training Divison (Ahmanson Recruit Training Center) includes the following units/sections: Commanding Officer, Adjutant, Administrative Section, Art Unit, Academic Instruction Training Unit, Career Development, CPA Unit, Human Relations Training Unit, Legal Training Unit, Physical Training/Self ... (see full description)

Training Division (Elysian Park) is responsible for funding and maintaining the Department's Revolving Training Fund, which provides funds for training outside the Department; maintaining compliance with the Peace Officer Standards and Training (POST), the state agency that regulates police officer ... (see full description)

As the world's first full-service border entity, CBP takes a comprehensive approach to border management and control, combining customs, immigration, border security, and agricultural protection into one coordinated and supportive activity.

Valley Traffic Division. Traffic accidents involving an injury, including hit and run accidents with an injury, can not be taken over the phone. Valley Traffic Division includes the following personnel/sections: Captain, Watch Commander, Subpoena Control, Detectives, Front desk

Transfer to 9-1-1. Reports of vicious animals include rabid, aggressive, or threatening behavior, unable to contain/surround, chasing/running after pedestrians/children, causing injury to people or other animals.

West Traffic Division. Traffic accident reports involving an injury, including hit and run accidents with an injury, can not be taken over the phone. West Traffic Division includes the following personnel/sections: Captain, Adjutant, Watch Commander, Administrative Office, Front Desk, Timekeeper, ... (see full description)

LAHSA coordinates the Los Angeles Winter Shelter Program. The Winter Shelter Program provides homeless individuals and families with temporary emergency shelter, meals, bathing facilities, transportation and entry into the Continuum of Care system of services. The program is designed to bring ... (see full description)

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