The City Attorney is the chief prosecutor in the City of Los Angeles. The City Attorney's Office prosecutes all misdemeanor criminal offenses and infraction occurring in the City. With 70 percent of all adult felony arrests referred to the City Attorney's Office for misdemeanor filing, cases are ... (see full description)

In accordance with the Mayor's directive for transparency, the open data portal for the City of Los Angeles has all types of data to conduct research, develop web, online, and mobile applications and generally learn more about Los Angeles. This site allows you to view or download the data in a ... (see full description)

The Los Angeles Housing + Community Investment Department pays for a citywide contractor that provides counseling on fair housing rights and responsibilities; investigation of housing discrimination complaints (from renters and homebuyers); enforcement of fair housing laws and multi-lingual outreach ... (see full description)

The Department on Disability provides information and referral services for children and adults with disabilities, their families, and caregivers. Constituent callers are connected to Information and Referral Specialists who conduct a needs assessment for the immediate crisis and underlying barriers ... (see full description)

No-Drugs-Down-the-Drain (N3D) is a public education outreach campaign to reduce the disposal of waste medication to the sewer system and minimize the potential for health risks and impacts on the environment. The Industrial Waste Management Division (IWMD) provides pharmaceutical fact sheets that ... (see full description)

The California Public Utilities Commission (CPUC) is the sole franchising authority for cable video TV franchises in California. The U.S Justice Department and Federal Communications Commission reviews and approves the proposed merger of Time Warner Cable with Comcast. You can call the Federal ... (see full description)

Compliance issues (e.g., fraud), can be reported to My Safe Work Place at 1-800-461-9330, Monday-Friday from 8am-4;30pm.

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