Report a Property Violation

Provider: Department of Building and Safety

Categories: Fraud/Violation Reporting


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  • Check if vacant property is already being repaired  [show more]
  • Determine validity of miscellaneous complaints  [show more]
  • Example of property violations  [show more]
  • Follow-up and/or check status of code enforcement complaints  [show more]
  • Follow-up or check high level results of code enforcement inspections  [show more]
  • Process fax/e-mail complaints from public and other referral departments  [show more]
  • Property Activity Report  [show more]
  • Provide contact information of assigned inspector  [show more]
  • Substandard property/abatements (remove or adjust property liens)  [show more]
  • Vacant properties with abatement orders pending  [show more]


Online Service:


Department of Building and Safety
201 N Figueroa St 980
Los Angeles, CA 90012
ctx: (213) 473-3231
tel: (213) 473-3231  (outside L.A. County)

Email: No email address provided.
Hours: Monday - Friday, 7:00 am - 5:00 pm
Accessible: No info about accommodations provided
Parking: Metered street parking available

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