Water and Electric

The City of Los Angeles supplies water andelectric energy through the Department of Water and Power to a population of over 3.7 million people.This is accomplished by constructing, operating, and maintaining works extending throughoutthe City and to Inyo andMono Counties to import water and electricenergy and to other western statesto import electric energy. The rates for water and electricservices are subject to the approval of the City Council and Mayor.


The City of Los Angeles operates and maintains the largest wastewater collection system in the United States.  The Department of Public Works Bureau of Sanitation does this within a 600 square mile service area that includes Los Angeles and 29 contracting cities and agencies. The City's more than 6,700 miles miles of public sewers convey about 400 million gallons per day of flow from residences and businesses to the City's four wastewater treatment and water reclamation plants. Information on how the City manages its vast sewer system may be obtained in the Sewer System Management Plan (SSMP).

Other Utility Services

Other services the City provides related to utilities include regulation and payment assistance.