Find location and/or phone number for inspector's supervisor via LADBS contact system.

The Department of Building and Safety is responsible for construction permit inspections within the City of Los Angeles. Depending on the type of work being performed and the type of building, you may have one or multiple inspections. Inspectors will inspect different trades such as building, ... (see full description)

This handbook is a consolidation of all departmental clearances needed based on the type of project and its location. It provides plan checker engineers with the necessary information to properly refer permit applicants to the correct office for departmental clearance.

Centerline notes are available throughout the City of Los Angeles to the private surveyor and the public in general. Information can be obtained by visiting the Bureau of Engineering, Central Records Section or by visiting the Bureau's other public counters, and are also available by accessing ... (see full description)

Certificate of Occupancy is issued pursuant to a building permit for new construction, additions and/or change of occupancy after all necessary construction has been approved by an inspector.

Citywide Construction and Demolition (C&D) Waste Recycling Ordinance Effective January 1, 2011. On March 5, 2010, the City Council approved Council File 09-3029 pertaining to a Citywide Construction and Demolition (C&D) Waste Recycling Ordinance that requires ALL mixed C&D waste ... (see full description)

A list of all Bureau of Engineering projects out for bid is available. This list provides contractors with a description of the project and the City Engineer's estimated cost of construction for the project. Other information includes the date bids are due, addendum issued for the project and where ... (see full description)

The Bureau of Sanitation authorizes the discharge of surface water and groundwater to the City sewer system from construction sites, soil remediation sites or seepage areas covered under an Industrial Wastewater Permit. For more information, please contact the Bureau of Sanitation, Industrial Waste ... (see full description)

Information on fire alarm installation for commercial and/or multi-family dwellings with 3 or more stories with more than 15 dwelling units.

The Expedited Processing Section (EPS) of the Los Angeles Department of City Planning was established in 2003 by the City Council and Mayor to provide the public with a faster alternative for processing entitlement applications. Cases are processed at an accelerated rate for an additional fee paid ... (see full description)

General information on the allowable fence height in the City of Los Angeles.

The Department of Building and Safety requires plan check for structural, grading, electrical, and mechanical (plumbing, HVAC, fire sprinkler, elevator). Plan check by other City departments, county and state agencies may also be required for the work being performed.

Counter plan check is typically for smaller projects that can be reviewed within 45 minutes. Appointment Plan Check (APC) is available for slightly more complex projects that can be reviewed within 1-1/2 hours. Larger projects and plans requiring more time consuming review are submitted for regular ... (see full description)

The Department of Building and Safety accepts the following geological and geotechnical reports for review and approval: Soil reports, geology reports, combined hillside reports, compaction reports, liquefaction studies, seismology reports. Applications for Haul Route Hearings are also accepted. ... (see full description)

Green Buildings Division handles anything related to the California Green Buildings Standards Code, also known as Cal Green. Green Building Division also reviews plans and provides inspection services for compliance with Green Building Standard Code. All plan checks are initiated at the plan check ... (see full description)

Applicants who wish to develop on hillside lots must comply with established regulations (the Hillside Ordinance), which includes definitions for structure height, required front and side yards, fire protection, lot coverage, parking, street access, sewer availability, sewer connections and grading. ... (see full description)

This booklet provides information you need to get started in the process of obtaining permits and inspections for repair, remodeling or adding on to your single family home.

Obtain information on storm damage.

This pamphlet provides homeowners and residents information on planning and preparing against flood, debris flow, and erosion control.

Lot Split information can be obtained from the Bureau of Engineering Land Records Group (213)482-0060 for a fee. Lot split dates are needed as part of the building permit process for some properties to determine legality in accordance with applicable regulations. Contact the Department of Community ... (see full description)

Annexation Map (Size: 34"x44") Bureau of Street Services Maintenance Districts >> Cadastral Maps >> Cadastral Maps in DXF format for Download >> Cadastral Maps Topo/Ortho >> City Boundary Map (As of: 07/20/07) City Clerk >> California Congressional Delegation ... (see full description)

These Fire Prevention Units are responsible in ensuring that building plans and specifications are in compliance with the Fire Codes before issuing Fire Permits.

The Department of Building and Safety is responsible for construction permit inspections within the City of Los Angeles. After obtaining the required permit(s) for the work you intend to do, you can request an inspection by using our Internet Request For Inspection System (IRFIS). IRFIS has the ... (see full description)

The Parcel Profile Report allow easy access and visual displays of the city parcel and zoning information for most parcels within the City of Los Angeles that can be identified by either address or property tax bill number.

Information concerning the Bureau of Street Lighting's public counter. Constituents can request street lighting technical records, maps, plans and diagrams at the counter or via telephone.

The Bureau of Engineering posts the bid results and bid summaries for construction projects awarded by the Board of Public Works. The Board of Public Works opens bids on Wednesday mornings at 10:00 a.m. Bid results are posted on the Bureau's website by the end of the same week. Historical bid ... (see full description)

A self-serve, on-line system that generates the "Rebuild Letter" to confirm rebuild-ability rights for buildings.

An S Permit is needed to construct, alter, repair or perform maintenance to any house connection sewer, bonded house connection sewer, special house connection sewer, industrial waste sewer connection, industrial waste storm drain connection, storm drain connection, or special drainage connection, ... (see full description)

Check the status or disposition of a plan by using the Internet based Property Activity Report. It allows easy access and visual display of general information from the Los Angeles Department of Building and Safety (LADBS) Plan Check and Inspection System (PCIS) and the Code Enforcement Information ... (see full description)

NavigateLA is a web-based mapping application that delivers maps and reports based on data supplied by various City departments, Los Angeles County, and Thomas Bros. Maps. Among some of the reports available are: Bureau of Engineering Parcel Report, Building and Safety Parcel Report, Sewer Wye ... (see full description)

Wood frame provisions for one story residential construction (also known as Type V) is a classification of buildings by construction materials and methods. It is the least restrictive permitted by Uniform Bulding Code and includes light,wood-frame construction. It is provided by the Department of ... (see full description)

This manual will assist in providing consistent and uniform interpretations of the Zoning Code. It is a cumulative summary of more than 230 written policies and interpretations made by the Department of Building and Safety, the Department of City Planning, and the Office of the City Attorney ... (see full description)

The Department of Building and Safety provides this self-serve, on-line system that generates the "Zoning Letter" to provide ONLY the current zone information of your property. All other information related to your property can be obtained by submitting your request in person at any one ... (see full description)

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