The Los Angeles Convention Center is a technologically advanced convention and exhibition facility for Trade Shows, Consumer Shows, Conferences and Meetings. We also provide catering services for meetings and events in progress. Please contact the Marketing Division at (213) 741-1151 ext. 5340 to ... (see full description)

The historical buildings, brick-lined alleys and Plaza at El Pueblo de Los Angeles Historical Monument provide a picturesque setting for television, motion picture and commercial filming opportunities. Learn about filming and still photography requirements and see which areas of the Monument are ... (see full description)

DCAs Marketing and Development Division works with local, state,national, and international arts organizations to promote cultural awareness and increase arts education in our communities. The Division raises funds from foundations, corporations, government agencies, and individual donors to support ... (see full description)

Through its professional theater facilities, DCA serves the performing and media arts community by offering below-market theater rentals. In turn,the arts community presents year-round dance,music, theater, literary, and multi-disciplinary performances; supports the development of emerging and ... (see full description)

The Warner Grand Theatre is a 1,500-seat film and performing arts theater built by Warner Brothers Studio in 1930. The theater is listed on the National Register of Historic Places and has been operated by DCA since 1996. In addition to DCA-sponsored programming, the theater is available ... (see full description)

Elysian Park, exemplary of a well maintained big city park, is centrally located on the north end of Los Angeles just minutes away from City Hall and downtown Los Angeles to the south. The Los Angeles Police Academy is housed within the park. All roads around Elysian lead to the World Famous Dodger ... (see full description)

EPICC is operated by the City of Los Angeles Department of Recreation and Parks since 1928.

To report an injury, damage or loss to personal property, contact Los Angeles Convention Centers Security Central at (213) 741-1151, ext. 4605 or 5900 to file an Incident/Loss Report. For any questions regarding filing a claim, or to receive a copy of Incident/Loss Reports, contact the ... (see full description)

All uniformed members of the Fire Prevention Bureau that maintain the rank of Fire Captain and/or Fire Inspector. Performs fire & life safety functions during filming, special events, festivals, firework displays, sporting events, parades, parties, concerts, activities located in the Very High ... (see full description)

Friendship Auditorium is available for public rental and is ideal for large weddings, wedding receptions, retirement parties, and banquets.

The Los Angeles Convention Center (LACC) is one of the most technologically advanced convention and exhibition centers in the world. LACC attracts over 2.5 million visitors annually and is renowned internationally as a prime site for conventions, trade shows and exhibitions. An integral economic ... (see full description)

Grace E. Simons Lodge is a public rental facility nestled in a quiet park setting. A small brook cascades down a hill and feeds a pond outside the lodge. It is available for wedding receptions, outdoor ceremonies, business meetings, or even birthday parties.

Website provides information about ticket requests, parking accommodations, concert and event schedules, etc. at the Greek Theatre.

An icon of Los Angeles, a national leader in public astronomy, a beloved civic gathering place, and one of southern California's most popular attractions. Located on the south slope of Mt. Hollywood, the Observatory is open five days a week until 10:00 p.m. with free admission. Visitors can look ... (see full description)

With over 4,210 acres of both natural chapparal-covered terrain and landscaped parkland and picnic areas, Griffith Park is the largest municipal park with urban wilderness ares in the United States. Situated in the eastern Santa Monica Mountain range, the Park's elevations range from 384 to 1,625 ... (see full description)

Picturesque garden areas available by permit for such events as weddings, picture taking, and commercial filming. These gardens also have volunteer programs, gardening classes, and most have plots to rent for gardening.

The Japanese Garden is an ideal setting for wedding ceremonies, memorial services and meetings. Selected areas are set aside for these events. Costs include use of the Garden, security and parking. The Garden features walking paths around a picturesque pond, with traditional Japanese garden ... (see full description)

The Calendar of Events provides a 12-month listing of events scheduled at the Los Angeles Convention Center. Only confirmed events with permission from clients are listed on the events calendar. Updated at least monthly, this calendar is available to clients online at For those ... (see full description)

The Los Angeles Convention Center is conveniently located at the intersection of the Santa Monica Freeway (10) and the Harbor Freeway (110). You may also obtain parking and traffic information from radio station AM 1630. For customized driving directions from anywhere, use the Google Maps link. For ... (see full description)

The Los Angeles Convention Center is a world-class facility, and our staff welcomes all feedback to improve our services. Individuals with praise or complaints regarding the facility or services rendered may contact the Event Services Division at (213) 741-1151, ext. 5360.

The Los Angeles Convention Center provides a variety of resources for event planners and clients, including online ordering and an Event Planning Guide.

The Los Angeles Convention Center provides a full range of public and catered food and beverage services. For information related to food and beverage at the Los Angeles Convention Center please call the main line (213)741-1151 extension 4512.

An award-winning environmentally-friendly facility, the Los Angeles Convention Center holds the prestigious U.S. Green Building Councils LEED-EB GOLD Certification. Its constant efforts to progressively explore, test and implement new and innovative Earth-friendly initiatives throughout the 54-acre ... (see full description)

The Convention Center has ample parking for its many visitors and clients, supporting 5,600 vehicles. Covered parking lots allow for vehicle heights of up to 7 feet, and parking for larger RVs, buses, trucks & trailers is also available. Please contact the Parking Division at (213)741-1151, ext. ... (see full description)

Illegally parked vehicles on the site of the Los Angeles Convention Center are subject to citation. Questions regarding citations may be directed to Security Services at (213)741-1151, extension 5410.

The Los Angeles Convention Center is a world-class facility, providing a full range of services to clients. For public relations and communications assistance in support of clients and the media, contact the VP of Sales and Marketing at (213) 741-1151, Extension 5344.

The Los Angeles Public Library has various facilities and meeting rooms that are available for public use at the Central Library in Downtown Los Angeles and Branch Libraries located throughout the City of Los Angeles. The Central Library facilities can accommodate a variety of events, ranging from ... (see full description)

Orcutt Ranch is a secluded garden setting for weddings and events nestled in the foothills of the west San Fernando Valley. This picturesque Spanish style estate is accented by marble statues, citrus groves, and towering oaks.

The Park Film Office accepts reservations for filming in all parks and recreation centers belonging to the City of Los Angeles. The Park Film Office is also responsible for coordination of all filming activities. The hours of operations are Monday-Friday (excluding holidays) from 8:30 a.m. to 5:00 ... (see full description)

In the heart of the City of Los Angeles lies one of the oldest and the most beautiful parks, Pershing Square. The park features unique architecture, art, and landscape from the creative work of world-renowned architect Richardo Legorreta; one of the world's finest landscape architects Laurie Olin; ... (see full description)

The one-stop central source of information for recreation, child, and senior centers, parks, museums and landmarks, golf courses, pools, and all the other open space and recreational places operated by Recreation and Parks. This office also handles media and international inquiries.

The Department offers sites for an outdoor wedding, reception, or other type of gathering.

El Pueblo Historical Monument hosts several major events throughout the year. Come join us as we celebrate events such as Dia de los Muertos, the Chinese Lantern Festival, the City of Los Angeles' birthday, and much more Click on the link or call (213) 485-8372 for more information. All events are ... (see full description)

Historic railroad cars and special picnic areas are available for rental at the Travel Town Museum for birthday parties. After the party, the kids have a chance to explore the Travel Town Museum.

The Travel Town Museum is an outdoor museum which preserves and celebrates the railroad heritage of the western United States-its history and its artifacts. Particular thematic emphasis is placed on the history of Southern California and how the railroads aided its development. In addition to the ... (see full description)

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