Business Taxes & License provides information on the following: l)Branch office locations and contact information. Locations in which public can receive information about or pay their business taxes. 2)Billing address where Business Tax Renewal payments may be sent. Annual business tax becomes ... (see full description)

New paperless statements from Office of Finance allow businesses and permit holders to receive their renewals, billings, and other correspondence from the Office of Finance electronically in-lieu of paper mailings. Electing to receive electronic statements in-lieu of paper copies saves costs, is ... (see full description)

A Business Tax Registration Certificate, commonly referred to as a Business License, is needed if you have six or more garage sales per year. The following is information about garage sales circumstances that do NOT require taxation. If the garage sales do not conform to these requirements, the ... (see full description)

Information related to Utility Taxes that appear on Cell phone and residential phone bills. This IS NOT the same service as a Utility Tax EXEMPTION.

Seniors 62 or older and/or permanently disabled persons 18 or older with a household income of $33,750 or less are entitled to this exemption. It offers a 10% Utility User's tax exemption for electric, water, gas, and telephone bills. Also provides a Department of Water and Power lifeline discount ... (see full description)

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