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The Affirmative Action Section of the Office of Contract Compliance is responsible for monitoring and inspecting the activities of construction and non-construction contractors and vendors providing goods or services to the City of Los Angeles to ensure compliance with Affirmative Action provisions ... (see full description)

Processes and provides information relative to Public Works construction contracts, assessment contracts, bids, bid receipt dates, advertisements for Public Works projects, notices to proceed, labor and performance bonds, surety information, bid proposals, and subcontractor listings.

The Business Improvement District Program provides information and assistance on how to organize a business improvement district with sample plans, consultant lists, reports and assistance with frequently asked questions.

Evaluation and monitoring of Department of Public Works contracts, including construction bids, Request for Bids (RFB), Request for Proposals (RFP), Request for Qualifications (RFQ), and procurement bids for compliance with Business Inclusion and Local Business Preference Program requirements.

Business Taxes & License provides information on the following: l)Branch office locations and contact information. Locations in which public can receive information about or pay their business taxes. 2)Billing address where Business Tax Renewal payments may be sent. Annual business tax becomes ... (see full description)

The Bureau of Contract Administration evaluates and certifies businesses as Disadvantaged Business Enterprises (DBE) for all City personal services and public works construction contracts. A DBE is defined as a small business that is at least 51% owned by one or more socially and economically ... (see full description)

The Bureau of Contract Administration evaluates and certifies businesses as Minority Business Enterprises (MBE for all City personal services and public works construction contracts. An MBE is defined as a business that is at least 51% owned by one or more individuals who are African American, ... (see full description)

The Bureau of Contract Administration evaluates and certifies businesses as Small and Local Business Enterprises (SLBE)for all City personal services and public works construction contracts. An SLBE is defined as a business whose principal office is located within the County of Los Angeles. ... (see full description)

The Bureau of Contract Administration evaluates and certifies businesses as Women Business Enterprises (WBE) for all City personal services and public works construction contracts. A WBE is defined as a business that is at least 51% owned by one or more women and whose management and daily business ... (see full description)

Clearances for building permits; advises clients as to discretionary land use applications to be filed; accepts applications for land use entitlements; makes referrals to the staff/agencies responsible for a particular issue. Please NOTE: special hours on Wednesdays 9a.m.-4:30p.m. Save time, make an ... (see full description)

The City Administrative Officer's Risk Management Division provides risk management services and assistance to City departments. Services include risk analysis and assessments with respect to potential liability; contract review for appropriate risk management language and insurance requirements; ... (see full description)

A list of all Bureau of Engineering projects out for bid is available. This list provides contractors with a description of the project and the City Engineer's estimated cost of construction for the project. Other information includes the date bids are due, addendum issued for the project and where ... (see full description)

Firms or individuals interested in contracting opportunities with the City of Los Angeles should sign up at www.labavn.org - "Los Angeles Business Assistance Virtual Network (BAVN)".

The General Services Department accepts bids for materials or non-construction services for the City of Los Angeles. If you or your business wishes to submit bids to supply the City of Los Angeles with materials or services, this is where to find information regarding to bids the City is currently ... (see full description)

View and download information about all contractual opportunities offered by Building and Safety Department.

Valuable training is provided free to Neighborhood Councils. Many different interactive classes are offered at locations throughout the City, including: managing money and budget planning; effective communication skills; developing volunteers; rules and regulations including The Brown Act and ... (see full description)

The Expedited Processing Section (EPS) of the Los Angeles Department of City Planning was established in 2003 by the City Council and Mayor to provide the public with a faster alternative for processing entitlement applications. Cases are processed at an accelerated rate for an additional fee paid ... (see full description)

A Business Tax Registration Certificate, commonly referred to as a Business License, is needed if you have six or more garage sales per year. The following is information about garage sales circumstances that do NOT require taxation. If the garage sales do not conform to these requirements, the ... (see full description)

The Information Technology Agency (ITA) contracts for a range of services: Internet service providers, as needed programming, translation services and microwave communication system installation. Contractors interested in bidding and being notified regarding these opportunities must register in the ... (see full description)

The Business and Trade Development Division of the Port of Los Angeles (Harbor Department) provides advice to businesses and individuals involved in the import/export of cargo, i.e. goods and materials, through the Port of Los Angeles. Assistance may include general information concerning required ... (see full description)

The City of Los Angeles owns and leases real property worth billions of dollars used for diverse public purposes such as office buildings, police stations, fire stations, libraries, public parks, open space, roads and maintenance facilities. Asset Management division negotiates the purchase or lease ... (see full description)

For further information regarding LAHSA's Request for Proposals / Qualifications please see our website.

The Labor Compliance Section of the Office of Contract Compliance is responsible for monitoring and assuring that Public Works contractors are in compliance with labor and prevailing wage laws and regulations of the City, State, and Federal governments. "Prevailing wage" is defined as the ... (see full description)

The Development Services Division reviews environmental studies and traffic impact analyses associated with private development. Following project approvals, the division also clears project conditions, signs building permits, and reviews and approves site plans, roadway and traffic signal plans ... (see full description)

The Centralized Certification Section provides a list of all firms certified by the City as Minority Business Enterprise(MBE), Women Business Enterprise(WBE), Disadvantaged Business Enterprise(DBE), Small Local Business Enterprise (SLBE) and Small Business Enterprise (SBE).

In partnership with the US Department of Energy, the City of Los Angeles is working with its departmental fleet managers to reduce the use of gasoline by purchasing new clean fueled vehicles. The City is also working to ensure that the fueling infrastructure to supply the new vehicles is available ... (see full description)

The Los Angeles Business Team provides one-stop shopping for all your business development needs. The Team paves the way with personal assistance, creative solutions and streamlined access to an amazing range of business resources. Among the comprehensive services of LA's Business Team: Private ... (see full description)

Vendors wanting to do business or open a business at LAX need to browse our "Business Opportunities" section

Business centers in various terminals offer business services and entertainment features, such as Microsoft Office software, Internet access, e-mail, laser printing, copying, faxing, Federal Express overnight delivery service, U.S. local and long-distance phone calls, notary public, cell phone ... (see full description)

The Construction Division of the Port of Los Angeles (Harbor Department) prepares specifications, bid documents, issues/receives bids and awards construction contracts for the construction of Port facilities. To view a list of construction contracts currently open for bid go to ... (see full description)

The Contracts and Purchasing Division of the Port of Los Angeles (Harbor Department) issues and receives bids from qualified vendors for the purchase of materials, supplies and minor services.

Information on available properties, RFP's, airport profiles, and airport communities (LAX, Ontario, Van Nuys, and Palmdale)can be obtained on LAWA's Web site or from the Asset Management Division.

The Bureau of Engineering posts the bid results and bid summaries for construction projects awarded by the Board of Public Works. The Board of Public Works opens bids on Wednesday mornings at 10:00 a.m. Bid results are posted on the Bureau's website by the end of the same week. Historical bid ... (see full description)

Provides recorded bid results for recently bid Public Works construction projects.

The one-stop central source of information for recreation, child, and senior centers, parks, museums and landmarks, golf courses, pools, and all the other open space and recreational places operated by Recreation and Parks. This office also handles media and international inquiries.

Provide information, on contractual service opportunities for the City.

Various forms may be requested or required when doing business with Los Angeles World Airports. (Details can be found on RFB/RFP's.) These forms can be downloaded from LAWA's Web site or obtained by calling LAWA's Procurement Services Division.

The status of construction contract awards can be located on the Bureau of Engineering's website or by searching "Contract Award" at http://eng.lacity.org/search.htm

Contact the Bureau of Street Lighting for information regarding future street lighting construction projects that can be bid upon by qualified contractors.

The Supply Services Division procures all supplies, equipment and services for the City of Los Angeles' Non Proprietary departments. The Division is comprised of five Commodity and three Support Groups. Support Groups are Supplier and Customer Relations, Systems, and Payment Services. The Commodity ... (see full description)

Sales via auction of surplus city property, land, leased property.

Contact the Bureau of Street Lighting for information on telecommunication companies wishing to attach equipment such as radios, antennas, transmitters, and cell phone repeaters on streetlight poles.

Vendors to the City who need to seek information regarding status of payments, accounts payable, or contact information for payment services. Vendor inquiries regarding payments owed to them by the City.

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