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Travelers can find taxicab service at the curbs outside of baggage claim. All taxicabs must be equipped with a dashboard meter or rate card which is plainly visible to all passengers in the front and back seats of the vehicle. Service is available on a walk up basis.

Business Taxes & License provides information on the following: l)Branch office locations and contact information. Locations in which public can receive information about or pay their business taxes. 2)Billing address where Business Tax Renewal payments may be sent. Annual business tax becomes ... (see full description)

Enforcement of illegal taxicab operations.

Seniors 62 or older and/or permanently disabled persons 18 or older with a household income of $33,750 or less are entitled to this exemption. It offers a 10% Utility User's tax exemption for electric, water, gas, and telephone bills. Also provides a Department of Water and Power lifeline discount ... (see full description)

Advance Earned Income Tax Credit (AEITC): Qualified families with at least one qualifying child living with them may receive up to $130 a month ($1,563 per year), as extra money in their paycheck. All that is necessary is for an employee to file an IRS FORM W-5 with their employer showing ... (see full description)

The City has three State Enterprise Zones (SEZ): Los Angeles-Hollywood; East Los Angeles; and Harbor Gateway Communities. Each Zone provides business owners within the Zone boundaries with State incentives such as tax credits and deductions for hiring eligible employees, credits for sales and use ... (see full description)

Issuance of permits to drivers of regulated vehicles-for-hire, including taxicabs, private ambulances, non-ambulatory passenger vehicles, public transportation vehicles and motor buses. CLOSED FOR LUNCH 12:00 pm - 1:00 pm.

Taxis can be found curbside on the Lower/Arrival Level islands in front of each terminal under the yellow sign indicating Taxis. Passengers will be presented with a ticket stating typical fares to major destinations.

Complaints regarding any Office of Finance services and/or employees send an email to

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