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Any person or business that has an Alarm System in the City of Los Angeles at a business address and/or at a residential address must have a valid Los Angeles City Alarm System Police Permit. There are three types of Alarm Police Permits; each requires that an Alarm Police Permit application be ... (see full description)

Authorized banner companies in the City of Los Angeles can submit an application online to request for Banner Permits. Companies interested in becoming an authorized banner company for the City of Los Angeles should read the Frequently Asked Questions and then contact the Bureau of Street Lighting ... (see full description)

The Los Angeles Department of Building and Safety is responsible for issuing construction permits such as building, plumbing, electrical, pressure vessel, elevator, heating, ventilating and air conditioning permits. A permit from the Department of Building and Safety is required for private property ... (see full description)

Report ringing or activated burglar alarms for business, residence or vehicles. New rules are now in effect concerning residential and business burglar alarms. An alarm system user with a valid permit will be billed a penalty assessment of $50 for the second false alarm within 365 days of the first ... (see full description)

Business Taxes & License provides information on the following: l)Branch office locations and contact information. Locations in which public can receive information about or pay their business taxes. 2)Billing address where Business Tax Renewal payments may be sent. Annual business tax becomes ... (see full description)

The historical buildings, brick-lined alleys and Plaza at El Pueblo de Los Angeles Historical Monument provide a picturesque setting for television, motion picture and commercial filming opportunities. Learn about filming and still photography requirements and see which areas of the Monument are ... (see full description)

e-Permit is now Permit L.A. It is a simple, hassle free way to obtain permits that do not require plan check (Express Permits) via the Internet.

The Bureau of Street Services Investigation and Enforcement Division regulates the use or misuse of the public right-of-way. Enforcement and regulatory activities in the Division fall within three general categories: construction, public health and safety, and community/event based operations. For ... (see full description)

The Planning Department issues Conditional Use Permits which allow certain uses in zones other than which they are classified. The Bureau of Engineering reviews Planning's Conditional Use Permits and Zoning Variances for Public Works requirements. Engineering also makes recommendations to the ... (see full description)

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